Highest Post Office on Earth

Highest Post Office on Earth

In this century filled with technology from 2G to 4G, Wi-Fi in every corner, but how will it feel to still go back and experience at one of the remote town and send postcards from the Highest post office On Earth.

Looking back few years down the line I never ever imagine that I would experience to be at the highest post office in the world. Yet here I was at 4400 mts (14567 ft) above the sea level. Literally at the half of the height of Mt. Everest (tallest mountain on Earth). It is in the town called Hikkim, District of Lahul & Spiti and State of Himachal Pradesh In India.

Understanding some facts might really give you more insights why this experience was very special. According to the latest census Hikkim total population is just 52. It is connect by 46 km road to the nearest town Kaza. As only few people live here, to me it sounds more like a small town but big family.

On the particular day when we began our move towards Hikkim; Our day started from Kaza which is about 20kms (the other side of the town) from the hotel where we stayed the previous night. A small guesthouse with all the basic necessities, which was comfortable. First thing first we fuel up from the only gas station in the district that is known to be the highest gas station in the world at the height of 3740 mtrs above sea level. As we were journeying to the desired destination it wasn’t just a basic ride but it was absolutely one of its kind. Though it is in one of the remote area the roads were much better than expected. There is no mobile network but the signboards made it much easier. It made a smooth ride experience to an unknown route over GPS.

Photo: Enroute to the Highest Post Office on Earth.
Photo: Enjoying the view around the town Hikkim

Crossing the mountains overlooking the stunning view of the river, super blue sky with extremely shining sun all the way. Nothing less than a dream came true and I felt like I fulfilled the famous idioms “on cloud nine”.

Hikkim view from highway

As we reach the highway, we had to walk down to the post office on a kaccha (raw) road, we saw the houses made with stones and mud covered with a special layer of grass roots, I bet it’s their traditional and unique way to protect them from extreme weather as half of the year the town is to remain closed due to extreme weather condition which dropped to -30 degree Celsius.

The post office was establised on November 5, 1983. The postal index of the village is 172114. It has a total staff of 3 people, one postmaster and two postmen. The postmaster, Rinchen Chhering, has been the postmaster for as long as the post office been. He was only 22 years old when he took the job in 1983. The mail is carried on foot to Kaza. Yet the post office is forced to shut during winter months due to heavy snowfall. There is no bank around town but an interesting fact the post office also gives a savings account option to the villagers.

There is a small café just outside the post office so I brought some post cards and sat down to write some personal message and send to my families and friends. In the mean time we had an amazing local organic flower drink and warm parantha (Indian bread made with flour and oil) prepared by an aunty.

Writing postcards in the cafe at The Highest Post Office on Earth
Sending post cards to family and friends!

Their nature of hospitality is very warm and sweet. The children out there are charming, kind and loving. It sounds like they have good experience with tourist. At first they were a bit shy but after later they began to talk to us. They did know how to have fun even in a small way with the visitors like us.

Picture with beautiful children

To be in such places everyone might not enjoy the luxury of utilities but more than that you will enjoy the most luxurious nature of life style. To breath clean air and make your lungs happier. Eat organic food at its best. It would be a time to heal your body, mind and soul. Fun fact it won’t cost a fortune to travel at such place all you need is to give sometime to yourself. The journey might be little longer but I am sure you wont regret. It is not only good for oneself but also a great way for the locals to generate income.

Breathtaking view of Hikkim
Another wonderful sight of Hikkim

It was truly a privilege for me to experience such an extraordinary journey. I am so overwhelm and I definitely adore everything about it.

P.S I forgot to send a postcard to myself if anyone is going, do let me know and send me a postcard. Thank you ❤

Spiti Expedition in 5 days! Extreme adventure in Himalayas

Many moons ago when I was on Mars! just joking 😋😋 But nothing less than that. Walking around the mountains with milky river flowing from 11,980 ft above mean sea level. A quiet escape and one of the less crowded attractions of the state.
When in Spiti indulge in these experiences
Experiencing the top-notch records of few things. Exploring and doing all the touristy stuff. Beginning from New Delhi – Shimla – Rampur- Peo- Kalpa – Kinnaur – Pooh – Nako – Sumdo – Tabo – Kaza – Hikkim – Komic – Kapla – Kaza – Kibber – Losar – Chandrataal (moon lake) – Chattru- Gramphu – Batal – Rotang Pass – Manali – Chandigarh – Delhi. Overall covered about 1534 kms.

Crossing Satluj river by travelling on the most treacherous road, crossing the dusty sculpture mountains, in between just looking for a place for a warm coffee, meeting new people, understanding the nature and life of local people, the warmest part was the kind hospitality offered by the local people (good people still exist in the world)
Being in one of the highest village and gazing stars, shooting stars over and over again was an absolute treat.
Not forgetting the amazing glaciers, clean lake and extreme minus degree celsius in the mid of the year. Witnessing the sunset and moonshine over the lake at the same time was beyond blissful. Feels like to close to the sky the world just became blessings in disguise. So on and on we could experience being in the World’s highest – Gas station – Post office – Village in the world – restaurant – organic kitchen – spaceship cafe etc etc.
Every mountain has its own unique composition, colour and nature and flowing the river in just few kms you’l find an International border between India and China.

It was the greatest Spiti Expedition with memories. For sure words cannot express enough nor camera could justify the beauty and wonders of it all. How great is our creator, there is definitely much more than what we could ever imagine or even fathom.
Truly our Creator Abba Father Yeshuwa does exist and He love us all too much.

Spread love!

IMG_5842You and I in the beautiful world Green grass, mountain, blue sky in the beautiful world.

In the midst of pandemic and chaos let’s continue to support each other in every possible way. By now we are all aware to take necessary safety measures and precautions. So, lets not create more worries by spreading rumours and false report yet lets be together and get through this.

The world is at paused. Be it the most powerful nations or the poorest nations yet there are things we cant control over something and so it clearly shows that there is someone above all.  In the phase of fear, anxiety and uncertainties let’s open the window of love to embrace and encourage each other to be optimistic because if we stay positive even in negative situation we will win.

Be the pillar of someone to build a stronger person. We already lost too many lives and words arent enough to express for someone who lost their loved ones. It may be nobody to us but it is someones love, son, daughter, husband, wife, best friend and soul mate. We definitely cant effort to loose more.  Though we might be from different race,  culture, cast or faith. Afterall we only have one Earth. When we stand Hand in hand we can make our dreams come true and once again rise up.

One of the greatest weapon is to stay positive even when things turn negative. We are an overcomer.

May the love of God, Peace, Strength, Joy, Hope and Healing be upon you and your famillia.

Impromptu trip to Dehradun & Mussoorie, India.

Ever since my middle school, I was fascinated about Dehradun a travel story told by my teacher but I didn’t think I’ll experience in such a manner. For a female traveller, it’s not often heard traveling without any plans nor itinerary being made. One fine day after a telephonic conversation with a friend made a sudden wild plan for a day out to Dehradun. Booked my train reservation in the morning and travelled by night from the New Delhi railway station. The next day I reach Dehradun early morning. Fortunately, my friend came to pick me up from the railway station to show me around. The adventures day began: We were almost the first tourist to visit the Robbers Cave. The cave is about 600 meters long, divided into two main parts. The cave has a highest fall of about 10 meters. It is a natural cave formation where rivers flows in the cave. Well.. First thing first.. We had an amazing breakfast; chai with a bread blend with eggs. We took a long wild water walk on barefoot. The crystal clear water and the stepping on the beautiful stones feels like you’re getting a foot massage. After a little while we saw the waterfall and a cafe in the hills, apparently the cafe wasn’t open since it was super early morning, but we enjoyed the birds singing and gently burbling streams.

Robbers cave.jpg IMG_3632.jpg

Photo: Gucchupani (Robbers Cave)                             Inside view

Our second stop was at George Everest Peak. It is located at a distance of approximately 8 km from the famous tourist town of Mussoorie and is a short drive away. It is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the picturesque Doon Valley, It is the most serene place to visit. Around the peak, there are food stalls for a quick bite while enjoying the spectacular views of the snow-clad Himalayan peaks and panoramic views of the Doon Valley! Very calm, beautiful and a pretty solitary life.

View from The George Everest Peak.jpg

View from The George Everest Peak

Gazing the Doon Valley from George Everest Peak.jpg

Gazing the Doon Valley from George Everest Peak

Mussoorie the Queen of Hills was our third destination. Like a happy soul is those who eat well. It treated us with really good meal at Cafe Teatotaler. The location was perfect with magnificent view. They serve good breakfast and quick lunch options too. From Tacos to Maggie, Pastas to Salads & Soup. You won’t be disappointed with their drinks both hot and cold and the bubble tea (peach) was extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.

At Cafe teatotaler.jpgAt Café Teatotaler: Sandwich combo with Maggie, Bubble tea (peach) & Hot Chocolate

Soon then we headed towards the famous Kempty Fall, the fourth destination of the day! It is 13 kilometres from Mussoorie. On the way we witnessed a beautiful sunset on the mountains. The name Kempty is probably derived from the word ‘camp-tea’. Kempty Falls is a waterfall in Ram Gaon. It is nearly 1364 meters above sea level. The Kempty Falls, and the area around is surrounded by high mountain ranges at an altitude of 4500 feet. It is known for its milky streams of water. It is a beauty to watch the waterfall at a close contact. One can also enjoy water activities. There are eatery and stalls around the entire place. It is indeed a place that revitalize one’s soul.

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls

We call the day off by a delicious dinner in Dehradun. We just stop between the highway and ordered chicken thali, soup and chicken dimsums it was all for INR. 200/- The most reasonable and super yummy dinner, which makes us feel so so good after the fat warm dinner we hop into the cool bus ride and reach Delhi with a sound non stop sleep.

Night view of Dehradun.jpg

Night View of Dehradun

There are so many we can experience even in just 24 hrs. Out of your busy scheduled and regular chorus, venture out, take an impromptu break to bless your soul. I’m sure you’ll love it. And Yes! Just go. Don’t stop! Go see all the beauty in the world.

“Traveling is the most intense mode of learning” – K.K


Note to Daddy


Looking back the memories, Oh! My heart aches, three years ago on this day you gave a warm hug, kiss and a goodbye wave but I never ever thought it would be the final one.

I never imagine that particular morning we prayed so well together and breakfast we enjoyed will come to an end.

The smile I see in you and the love you share is something I miss the most.

Oh! How I long to see you. I really wish you be around and listen to all the stories over &  over again and special memories of yours are enduring.

All the good things you’ve done are unforgettable.

But I now know that you are in the best place you deserve for:

The pure heart you have.

The courage you took for the good.

The strength you’ve shown to uplift the weary.

The wisdom in your advice.

The bravery you showed million times.

The heart to help the one in need.

The heart of giving freely.

The love you gave to the needy.

The kindness you unroll.

The willingness to carry the burden.

The fearlessly challenges you made.

The stories of your life.

The big dreams you share with everyone.

The strength you gave as a sense of protection.

The extra miles of you took in every step.

The hope you gave to others.

The tenderness you rendered.

The blessings you spread.

The selfless sacrifice you made.

The good seeds you sow.

The endless prayer you intercede.

The mission you’ve done for the Lord.

The loss is immeasurable but so is the love left behind.

You are the strongest person I’ve ever known. Thanks for being the best dad.

We’re truly not apart; you are forever in our heart until we meet again.

Love you Daddy!


Magnificent Mom

First my MOM forever my FRIEND,
To the most wonderful woman I will ever know.

I can lean on to her in everything I do,

So gentle, patient, loving, supportive and forgiving.

The person who is always there for me,
She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.

She walked with the universe on her shoulders and,

made it look like a pair of wings.

Her testimony is impeccable,
Her love is endless, help me grow up big and strong.
Thank you MOM for watering me with love,

Picking me up and feeding me with encouragement,

Mom you’re a special blessings in my life.


“Optimism is the faith that leads to ACHIEVEMENT. Nothing can be done without HOPE and CONFIDENCE.” ~Helen Keller
I absolutely love this quote from Helen Keller. Waking up each day with a positive attitude brings healing in our heart. Everyday is a new day adding a fresh start with new blessings. However at times we face challenges, doubt and fear along the way but we must hold on to be optimistic and overcome the trails with good. Being an optimist we must see the opportunity in every way, as nothing is greater than our positive courage.
HOPE itself says ‘Hanging Onto Positive Expectations’ and a seed of Hope is the beginning to every good thing in our lives. Confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives. No matter where the wind blows but the confidence we have in one-self is the biggest strength. As we are racing too fast and working hard to achieve one’s goal to fulfil the dreams. Lets attach the strings of Optimism to sail the life's boat with positive outlook which will bring the best result and multiply smiles to the people around us.
Once again take confidence, be strong, learn, grow, help others, start each day with a grateful heart and be an "OPTIMISTIC PRIME".

“Happy Birthday Abu”

Dearest loving brother Abu,

                                                        Happy Birthday!


Your first birthday in heaven,

Walking on the streets of gold and all the angels singing

Whoa! You must be rejoicing….

I can feel your smile,

Wishes and dreams are endless to see you again,

But you were too good to be here.

Your memories are treasured within my heart.

Memories of those lovely days remain forever.

You were ever so wonderful, One in a million,

And you’ll always be precious and unforgettable to us.

For all that you were, and for all that you did.

You remain very special indeed.

You were my brother and my best friend.

I will always love you

All the special times we had

There’s none to replace you

Heart aches with sadness, and many tears flow.

What it meant to lose you, no one know.

Holding you close within our hearts.

And there you will remain throughout our lives,

Until we meet again.

An eye opening journey

Stepping in the land of Israel was a great wake up call if I look at the people living there with great humanity and unity even in such a vexation situation they are day and night facing for years.

Israel is an extremely small country, about the size of Chhattisgarh. However, it seems to welcome more people than it can hold. I learned that Israel is centered around the three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Jerusalem is known as the holiest city in the world and also believed to be the center of the world. This is one reason why so many people make pilgrimages to the holy land.

Many people believe that Israel is a barren land and a place with no modern civilization. But in fact they have high-standard of living and also one of the highest life expectancies at birth in the world. It’s so pleasant to see everyone obsessing heart-winning manners and etiquettes and full of courtesy whether you are in market/tourist places or shops. Moreover, I felt blessed that it all took me to deeper understanding about the importance of being a teacher. I really love the way they give great respect to their parents, leaders and teachers.

I was moved by what our tour guide told us in the bus. He said, “Our land seems to be cursed because it is a desert land, zero natural resources. But looking at the positive side, we use our brain to develop and invent new things to help the nation”. To my amazement, even though Israel is ancient, it is one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world: a booming high-tech industry, the irrigation system which makes Israel a major exporter of fresh produce, a world-leader in agricultural technologies and, to my surprise, it sent Europe on sale in February last.

The most popular destinations in Israel are Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jordan river, the Golan Heights, Jaffa, Masada, The Dead Sea (lowest place on earth -429 below sea level), Sea of Galilee (lowest freshwater lake in the world), Jezreel valley, Mt. Beatitudes, Capernaum, Haifa, and the Western Wall. There is so much to do and see in Israel, and people come from all over the world to experience what the country has to offer.

An interesting idea for the students about the age of 18 that it is compulsory to serve in the Army and defense forces in Israel. Men serve for three years, and women for two years respectively. I was encouraged to see how young people come out of their comfort living zone and contributed a lot of hard and good work to their nation.

There is much more to share. However in the conclusion I would like to add, through this journey I have come to realize that we all are special and unique, we all have something great to offer. Lets be optimistic and serve our nation with the best that we can, even if it is by doing little things in a great way.

One of a kind~Taste and see that the Lord is good!!

Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

It sounds one of the most common verses since the beginning of our faith! But are we really seeking? Why do we have to seek God?  Why can’t we just move on with the dreams and goals we have!! Why do we have to seek God first? Is it really important/necessary to seek God?

Yes!! It is important because you and I are born with a purpose and each one of us were created with a special purpose in which God already have plans for us even before we were born.

So what good it is to run for our own goals or purpose when God had already design and set aside the purpose for you and me because God knows the best for each one of us. 

We’re design to actively pursue and reflect the glory of God through our lives. Like diamonds, we can only select the light that shines onto us; we have not twinkle of our own.

As we know that a glove without a hand in it is nothing more than material in the shape of a hand.

Living as a blurred image makes us disconnected  from God in which it  pulls us away from God faster than we can manage to resist. 

You wont believe how much it cost to be obedience to God.

(Bible) Deuteronomy 28: Blessings for obedience~~

…Verse 13 the Lord will make you the head, not the tail. if you pay attention to the commands of the Lord your God that I gave you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom. (14) Do not aside from any of the commands I give you today.

(Bible) 1Samuel 15:22b: to Obey is better than sacrifice.

God created us in His image with the intend that we would live a fulfilling life.

It is very important to fulfill God Kingdom purpose we must seek God before its too late as none of us wants to miss out the real purpose we were created to be.

Lets submit our life to God, walk in His (God) ways and May God continue to shape each one of us for the BEST!